Double-Leaf Bi-Folding Temporary Site Gate™

SiteGard Double-Leaf Bi-Folding Temporary Site Gate™ is ideal for solving issues with ground clearance or gate opening space.

SiteGard Double-Leaf Bi-Folding Temporary Site Gate™

The bi-folding design of this temporary site gate allows for flexible opening widths to cater for site traffic and personnel, while also reducing the swing arc. This ensures the gate clears uneven ground which would prevent a larger swing gate being installed.

These construction site gates have a flat wire weld-mesh which prevents climbing. This mesh design also allows for clear vision through the gate, enhancing the safety for pedestrians and vehicles on the other side of the gate when gates are in use.

 Temporary Works Approved

All SiteGard standard site gates and post sets are Temporary Works Approved. This takes into account wind loadings for all mainland UK wind zones as well as notional crowd loadings, in accordance with Temporary Works Forum (TwF) guidance. The calculations have been carried out using British Standards design codes.

Features of SiteGard Double Leaf Bi-Folding Temporary Site Gates:

  • Padlockable Slidebolt
  • Safety Gate Restrainer
  • Adjustable Hinges
  • Ply Can Be Clad Over Mesh
  • The flat mesh on SiteGard allows for timber to be clad over the top of the gate frame (holes included). This provides an extra level of protection and privacy

Product & Finish Standards:

  • Gate frame and posts powder coated black.
  • All stock gates come as standard at 2.4m high and are clad with flat weld-mesh.
  • Gate set includes 4No. gate leaf, 2No. dig-in type posts, pad-lockable slide-latch and 4No. adjustable hinges.
  • All stock gates come with Safety Gate Restrainers as standard.

Other Construction Site Gate Options
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Height – 2400mm

Width (nominal) – 6220mm, 8220mm

Gate Frame Size SHS – 40mm SHS

Post Size/ Length Dig-in type – 120mm SHS x 3200mm

Mesh Aperture Size – 200 x 50mm

Timber Cladding – Supplied and fitting on-site by customer


This structure has been designed in accordance with the following guidance:

  • BS EN 1991-1-4:2005 – Wind Actions & TG20-13 Wind Guidance
  • BS 5975:2008 – Code of practice for temp. works procedures and the permissible stress design of falsework
  • BS 6180:2011 – Table 2
  • TWf 2012:01 HOARDINGS: A guide to good practice
  • BS EN 1990- Basis of structural design
  • BS EN 1993-1-1 Design of steel structures- General rules and rules for buildings
  • BS EN 1990- Basis of structural design
  • BS EN 5950-Steel member design
option on SiteGard Double-leaf gate
Option for SiteGard
option on SiteGard double-leaf gate


  • Base plated posts (where soft dig isn’t an option)
  • Strapped posts (to bolt to pre-formed concrete blocks)
  • Bespoke height and widths available to order as per customers requirements

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