Delta Sliding Gate

This Delta Cantilever Sliding Gate is available in three different railing styles; Atlas, Heracles and Olympus.

The cantilever design reduced maintenance requirements as there is no ground tracks or exposed wheels that may get blocked by dirt, leaves or snow.

Suitable for manual operation only.

  • A photo of a Heras Delta Sliding Gate

Delta gate style options

In illustration of the Heras Delta Sliding Gate in three styles: Heracles, Atlas and Olympus


TypeGate Height (m)Free Openings (mm)Total Space Required (mm)
Delta 30/1501.529258560
Delta 30/1801.829258560
Delta 30/2002.029258560
Delta 30/2502.529258560
Delta 40/1501.5397510660
Delta 40/1801.8397510660
Delta 40/2002.0397510660
Delta 40/2502.5397510660
Delta 50/1501.5487512960
Delta 50/1801.8487512960
Delta 50/2002.0487512960
Delta 50/2502.5487512960
Delta 60/1501.5577514760
Delta 60/1801.8577514760
Delta 60/2002.0577514760
Delta 60/2502.5577514760
Delta 70/1501.5707517860
Delta 70/1801.8707517860
Delta 70/2002.0707517860
Delta 70/2502.5707517860
Delta 85/1501.5827520260
Delta 85/1801.8827520260
Delta 85/2002.0827520260
Delta 85/2502.5827520260
Delta 95/1501.5917520260
Delta 95/1801.8917520260
Delta 95/2002.0917520260

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