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Rylock Green is our high performance stock fence that lasts over three times as longer, than standard galvanised fencing. A great solution for farm fencing.


  • Anti corrosive coating
  • UK manufactured to BS EN 10244-2 standards
  • 20 Year Guarantee
Security index:
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Rylock Green Fencing for farms in a field

Rylock Green Fencing Specification

Our Rylock Green stockfence is available in four steel variants to suit all applications.


Rylock Green is available from stock in one height

Understanding the product type :

Example : C8/80/15

  • C Mild
  • 8 Number of line wires
  • 80 Height of the fence in cm
  • 15 Distance between vertical wires in cm


Rylock Green stockfence has a anti-corrosive coating applied over heavily galvanised wire, giving it addional protection against atmospheric corrosive agents.

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Designed with presser points for firmer fixing, Rylock Green staples are useful on all types of fencing projects. They are supplied in three handy tub sizes: 20kg, 10kg, 5kg.

Coil Wire


  • Support wires for hexagonal mesh and rabbit netting
  • Line wire for chainlink
  • Strained wire fence
  • Fence topping
A photo of two coils of green metal wire

Discover our full range in the assortment table below.

Rylock Green Farm Fence Specifications

*Manufactured upon request
TypeStyleLine wire diameter (mm)Virtical wire diameter (mm)Wire tensile strengthRill weight (kg)Rolls length (m)
LightL8/80/151.91.9695 / 850 N/mm²2050
L10/120/151.91.9695 / 850 N/mm²2750
L6/90/151.91.9695 / 850 N/mm²16.550
HedgeL5/60/151.91.9695 / 850 N/mm²13.550
MediumC8/80/152.52.5695 / 850 N/mm²3250
C8/80/152.52.5695 / 850 N/mm²64100
C8/80/152.52.5695 / 850 N/mm²192300
HeavyB8/80/1533695 / 850 N/mm²4850
VulcanHT5/53/15 2.52.5695 / 850 N/mm²40100
HT5/53/302.52.5695 / 850 N/mm²30100
HT6/71/30* 2.52.5695 / 850 N/mm²35100
JumboHT8/80/15 2.52.5695 / 850 N/mm²178300
JumboHT8/80/15 2.52.5695 / 850 N/mm²297500
HT8/80/15 2.52.5695 / 850 N/mm²60100
HT8/80/302.52.5695 / 850 N/mm²45100
Vulcan Lamb SafeHT8/80/222.52.5695 / 850 N/mm²52100

Rylock Green Staples

Size (mm)Approx No. per Kilo20Kg Plastic Tubs10 Kg Plastic Tubs5 Kg Plastic Tubs
40 x 4.00134

Rylock Green Coil Wire

TypeApprox Size (mm)5 KG10 KG25KG500KG
Mild Steel4.00250

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