Ultrafence Palisade Security Fencing

The originator of the first cold rolled steel fencing pale.

UltraFENCE™ palisade security fencing is the very first complete cold rolled security fencing system – lighter, stronger and more economical than conventional palisade fencing systems, whilst exceeding the stringent requirements of BS1722 Pt12; 2006.

Offering reduced installation times and delivery costs, UltraFENCE™ increases security, delivering an attractive looking yet extremely robust perimeter fencing solution.

A photo of an Ultrafence in an industrial setting


UltraFence palisade security fencing is designed to be stronger, lighter and more economical than standard palisade fencing.

Decorative in appearance, this fencing is highly resistant to climbing and cutting.

A photo of a pink Ultrafence in an industrial setting


UltraFence fencing is suitable for use in commercial and industry sites where a high level of security is required.

It is suitable for railways, motorways, public utility sites, reservoirs, research laboratories and schools.

Ultrafence Typical Construction Schematic

  • Fish plate to which Top and Bottom Rail are fixed using M12 anti-vandal fixings
  • Top Rail – UltraRAIL™ to which plates are fixed using UltraBOLT or UltraRIVET
  • Bottom Rail – UltraRAIL™ to which plates are fixed using UltraBOLT or UltraRIVET
  • Standard UltraPALE™
  • Fencing Post :UltraPOST™
  • Concrete Foundation

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An illustration of an Ultrafence schematic

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