Photo of Tools

DIY Tools

DIY tools are the backbone of every home improvement project. Whether you’re assembling furniture, fixing a leaky faucet, or building a backyard shed, having the right DIY tools at your disposal ensures the job gets done efficiently and correctly. As more homeowners embrace the satisfaction of tackling projects on their own, the demand for quality DIY tools continues to rise, making them a staple in households worldwide.

  • Photo of 14 Piece Combination Spanner Set

    14 Piece Combination Spanner Set

  • Photo of 3 Piece Chisel Set

    3 Piece Chisel Set

  • Picture of Adjustable Metal Lawn Rake

    Adjustable Metal Lawn Rake

  • Photo of Auger Drill Bit

    Auger Drill Bit

  • Photo of Bolt Croppers

    Bolt Croppers

  • Photo of Builders Bucket

    Builders Bucket

  • Chisel Point Fencing Bar

    Chisel Point Fencing Bar (1.8M)

  • Photo of Claw Hammer

    Claw Hammer

  • Photo of Club Hammer

    Club Hammer

  • Photo of Contractors Wheelbarrow

    Contractors Wheelbarrow

  • Photo of Cushion Grip Fencing Pliers

    Cushion Grip Fencing Pliers

  • Photo of Paint Brushes

    Decorators Paint Brushes – 10 Piece Set

  • Post Level

    Draper Post Level

  • Fence Post Auger

    Fence Post Auger

  • Fence Post Rammer

    Fence Post Rammer