Vertical Bar Railing Fence

Long-life, traditional fencing.

  • A photo of a vertical bar railing fence in a park setting


Vertical bar railing is a long-life, traditional type of fencing that ranges in height from 1.2 metres to 2.0 metres.

Due to their versatility and range of finishes they are popular especially for urban areas. These railings are available with blunt, spiked or domed tops. Cranked, convex and turret options are also offered.


This type of fencing is ideal for perimeter security in a range of applications, from commercial premises to government-approved sites. Vertical bar railings are recommended for sites such as offices, outdoor community spaces and housing developments.

Their decorative appearance also makes them suitable for parks, schools and landscaping projects.

If Vertical Bar fencing isn’t quite what you are looking for Palisade fencing is similar but with a higher security specification and available up to 4 metres, or take a look at our full range of Security Fencing

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