Hutton Garden & Landscaping Products

The HUTTON range, renowned for its exceptional quality and design, offers an extensive collection of garden and landscaping products tailored to meet the evolving needs of today’s homeowners and garden enthusiasts. Among their offerings, Hutton garden furniture stands out for its craftsmanship and timeless appeal, seamlessly blending with any outdoor setting. Additionally, their Hutton wooden planters are not just functional but also serve as elegant decorative pieces, elevating the aesthetics of any garden space. Beyond furniture and planters, the range also features intricate bird tables, which provide a sanctuary for local wildlife, and a robust selection of fence and trellis panels, designed to withstand the test of time and elements.

  • 4-6 seater Ashby wooden Picnic Table

    Hutton Ashby 4 Seater Picnic Table

    £229.99 Sale!
  • Cotswold 5ft Bench

    Hutton Cotswold 5ft Bench

  • Dartmoor Square Picnic Table

    Hutton Dartmoor Square Picnic Table: 8 Seater

    £427.99 Sale!
  • Dean 6ft Bench

    Hutton Dean 6ft Bench

    £169.99 Sale!
  • A photo of a Dovecote bird table

    Hutton Dovecote Bird Table

    £139.99 Sale!
  • Economy Picnic Table

    Hutton Economy Picnic Table

    £154.99 Sale!
  • Large Hexagonal Planter

    Hutton Large Wooden Planter

    £59.99 Sale!
  • Melrose Dining Set 8 seater garden dining table set

    Hutton Melrose Dining Set: 8 Seater

    £379.99 Sale!
  • Six Seater Round Picnic Table

    Hutton Six Seater Round Picnic Table

    £239.99 Sale!
  • Small Trellis Planter

    Hutton Small Trellis Planter

    £81.99 Sale!
  • Trellis Planter

    Hutton Trellis Planter

    £99.99 Sale!
  • Windermere Planter Bench

    Hutton Windermere Planter Bench

    £167.99 Sale!
  • A photo of a Windsor Bird Table

    Hutton Windsor Bird Table

    £99.99 Sale!