Cambridge wooden Planters

Wooden Planters

Our wooden planters and trellis planters a perfect union of style and sustainability for your gardening needs. The ideal solution for growing climbing roses, vegetables or flowers when you don’t have borders. Whichever garden planter you choose, it last for years to come as all our planters are treated with wood preservative.

  • planter

    Garden Planter Set: Zest Gresford

    £149.99 Sale!
  • Hexagonal Planter Set: Zest Marford

    £84.99 Sale!
  • Large Hexagonal Planter

    Hutton Large Wooden Planter

    £59.99 Sale!
  • Small Trellis Planter

    Hutton Small Trellis Planter

    £81.99 Sale!
  • Trellis Planter

    Hutton Trellis Planter

    £99.99 Sale!
  • Windermere Planter Bench

    Hutton Windermere Planter Bench

    £167.99 Sale!
  • medium Holywell Planter

    Wooden Garden Planters: Zest Holywell

    £159.99 Sale!
  • Zest Eco Hive Composter

    Zest Eco Hive Wooden Composter

  • An image of the Zest Potting Bench

    Zest Potting Bench

  • Small wooden greenhouse

    Zest Small Wooden Greenhouse

  • planter

    Zest Square Raised Bed Planter

    £98.99 Sale!
  • An image of Zest Tall Botanical Greenhouse

    Zest Tall Botanical Greenhouse