Our range of Trellis Panels are all made in house. They come in a range of designs to suit you, from standard square, diamond cut, bowed top, scalloped top and fan trellis.

Our trellis can be used for a variety of purposes in the garden including as a fence topper allowing you to add extra privacy and security without blocking more light. Trellis panels are also an excellent way to creates divisions within your own garden and for supporting climbing or trailing plants such as sweet peas, beans clematis and jasmine.

Trellis allows light through and so offer a more open, light-filled boundary solution than fencing, breaking the view rather than completely blocking it.

For a full list of our range, sizes and prices, see our online store.

Square fence Trellis on fencing panels

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  • Photo of a Bowed Trellis panel for a fence

    Bowed Trellis

  • Diamond Trellis

  • Photo of a 5 rail fan trellis

    Fan Trellis

  • Photo of a Scalloped Trellis

    Scalloped Trellis

  • Photo of a Standard trellis

    Standard Trellis