Weed Control Fabric by Growtivation

Weed Control Fabric by Growtivation controls the growing of weeds below your garden pavement, borders, footpaths and/or decking. Made from specialist weed suppressing membrane, these are products that work.

Weedtex is a standard duty weed control fabric offering very effective weed suppression for many different applications and around the average garden.

Groundtex is heavy duty & can be used for weed suppression and ground stabilisation in both soft and hard landscaping schemes. Groundtex can also be used below ground as a stabilising and separating geotextile in groundwork and civil engineering applications.

  • photo of GroundTex Woven Geo Fabric

    Groundtex Woven Geo Fabric

  • photo of WeedTex Weed Control Fabric

    Weedtex Weed Control Fabric