Grassmate artificial grass is high quality, affordable and suited for every preference, requirement, and application.

There are 7 product varieties to choose from with various densities, pile heights and blade shapes – there’s a Grassmate grass option for every application.

  • Very low, easy maintenance
  • Aesthetically pleasing garden with year-round use
  • Superb option for difficult to maintain gardens and shaded areas
  • Perfect for children, dogs and family pets
  • No muddy or patchy areas
  • Fast draining – even after a rain shower, within minutes it will be dry to go out on again
  • Brighten and transform patio or decking areas

Take a look at our full range of Grassmate Artificial Grass

  • 310ml Tube of Glue

    310ml Tube of Glue

  • ashbury artificial grass

    Ashbury Artificial Grass

  • Bembridge Artificial Grass – GrassMate

    Bembridge Artificial Grass

  • Blakeney Artificial Grass - GrassMate

    Blakeney Artificial Grass

  • Clumber Artificial Grass – GrassMate

    Clumber Artificial Grass

  • Glencoe Artificial Grass – GrassMate

    Glencoe Artificial Grass

  • Hanbury Artificial Grass – GrassMate

    Hanbury Artificial Grass

  • Joining tape 100m Roll

    Joining Tape 100m Roll

  • Joining tape cut to size

    Joining Tape Cut to Size

  • 310ml Tube of Glue box of 12

    Pack of 12 310ml Tubes of Glue

  • Proline Artificial Grass – GrassMate

    Proline Artificial Grass