Photo of Feather Edge Capping Rail

Fencing Materials

Shop our fencing materials. Our wide range includes wooden fence posts and fence panels, agricultural and commercial barbed wire fencing and electric fencing, acoustic fencing, school and security fencing and DIY and professional fence installation tools.

  • Photo of Arris Rail

    Arris Rail

  • A photo of a arris rail bracket

    Arris Rail Bracket

  • Photo of a Arris Rail Bracket mortice

    Arris Rail Bracket – Mortice

  • A photo of Capping Rail

    Capping Rail

  • A photo of a Centre Stump

    Centre Stump

  • A Photo of a concrete gravel board

    Concrete Gravel board

  • Hedgehog Friendly Concrete Gravel Board

    Concrete Gravel board with Hedgehog Hole

  • Photo of a counter rail

    Counter Rail

  • Photo of featheredge board fence panel

    Featheredge Board

  • A photo of panel batten

    Fence Panel Batten

  • Fencemate Durapost Capping Rail Anthracite Grey

    FENCEMATE Durapost Capping Rail 65mm 1.83m – 3.0m

  • gravel board

    Gravel Board

  • Photo of panel capping

    Panel Capping

  • close up shot of grey prikka strip installed on a fence panel

    Prikka Strip

  • A photo of a Site Peg

    Site Peg