Photo of Feather Edge Capping Rail

Fencing Materials

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  • Photo of Arris Rail

    Arris Rail

  • A photo of a arris rail bracket

    Arris Rail Bracket

  • Photo of a Arris Rail Bracket mortice

    Arris Rail Bracket – Mortice

  • A photo of Capping Rail

    Capping Rail

  • A photo of a Centre Stump

    Centre Stump

  • A Photo of a concrete gravel board

    Concrete Gravel board

  • Hedgehog Friendly Concrete Gravel Board

    Concrete Gravel board with Hedgehog Hole

  • Photo of a counter rail

    Counter Rail

  • Photo of featheredge board fence panel

    Featheredge Board

  • A photo of panel batten

    Fence Panel Batten

  • Fencemate Durapost Capping Rail Anthracite Grey

    FENCEMATE Durapost Capping Rail 65mm 1.83m – 3.0m

  • gravel board

    Gravel Board

  • Photo of panel capping

    Panel Capping

  • close up shot of grey prikka strip installed on a fence panel

    Prikka Strip

  • A photo of a Site Peg

    Site Peg