Powerpack battery Alkaline 9V 55Ah - 160x110x115mm

Electric fence energisers are sometimes also called electric fence batteries. They provide the power for the electric fence and they are usually 9 volts or 12 volts.

The advantage of using an electric fence energiser instead of running the fence from mains is that with a battery-powered electric fence, you can set up your fence practically anywhere without the needing to lay long lengths of cable!

Our electric fence batteries / fence energisers are reliable and require only minimal effort for maintenance and servicing.

What about solar powered batteries?

We also supply solar panel energisers. This way, the battery charges itself in sunshine and daylight meaning even less maintenance and inspection.

  • Powerpack Alkaline battery 9V 120Ah - 160x110x115mm

    Powerpack Alkaline battery 9V/120Ah

  • Powerpack Alkaline battery 9V 175Ah - 190x125x160mm

    Powerpack Alkaline battery 9V/175Ah

  • Powerpack battery Alkaline 9V 55Ah - 160x110x115mm

    Powerpack battery Alkaline 9V/55Ah